The Best Deck for Arena 5 2024

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Hog Cycle Arena 5 Deck Low Elixirs 2.9

The Best Deck for Arena 5

A hog cycle deck may certainly be used in practically any arena after Arena 4, just like the greatest deck for Arena 4. A poison spell has been added to Arena 5 to really make room for your hog. With practice, the poison may quickly eliminate goblins or minions, which is an easy way to defeat this type of deck. A zap to give your hog an additional hit is also crucial. The other cards you have are all defensive in nature and may be used to effectively counter practically any tactic. The Best Deck for Arena 5.

Giant-Wizard-Goblin Barrel Arena 5 Deck Low Elixirs 3.3

The Best Deck for Arena 5

The goblin barrel has been a total offensive powerhouse ever since it was decreased to 3 elixirs, to the point where practically every player in the game is compelled to bring either arrows or the zap. Players must make use of the goblin barrel’s increased strength in order to advance to the Builders Workshop. When it strikes the bridge with a back door goblin barrel and has a giant in the back, along with wizards and fire spirits, it will cause some incredible damage.

Giant Wizard Arena 5 Deck

The Best Deck for Arena 5

The giant should still be used as much as possible in your best Arena 5 decks because he is still somewhat more powerful than the hog. Contrary to the goblin barrel giant deck, you want to place as many troops as you can behind the giant in this deck to really deal a ton of damage to those that are put down to defend against it. You have a lot of choices on defense to stop a wide range of pushes. Most tanks are no match for the Tesla!

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