Best Monk Deck Clash Royale

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Best Monk Deck Clash Royale

A Champion card that can be obtained from the Silent Sanctuary (Arena 18) is the Monk. It generates a melee ground troop with high hitpoints and moderate single-target and ground-targeting damage. The Monk executes a three-hit combo: the first two strikes deal standard damage, and the third strike, even though the targeted troop is not ordinarily susceptible to knockback, deals bonus damage and knockback.

As a Champion card, he will not reappear in the player’s card cycle until he is vanquished. The monk’s ability temporarily reduces his damage and deflects missiles back to their source. Except for his white mohawk, beard, eyebrows, lengthy mustache, and red kilt, mala, and cincture, he resembles the Hog Rider. The deployment of a Monk card requires five elixirs, and activating his ability takes an extra one.


Accessible from the right side of the screen, directly above the player’s card slots during combat, the Monk possesses a unique ability. The Monk uses his “Pensive Protection” after a one-second delay, which reflects all incoming projectile-based ranged attacks back to the attacker and reduces all incoming damage he suffers by 80%.

Spells always bounce back to the closest Crown Tower on the other side. It will not shield adjacent soldiers or buildings from damage and only decreases all incoming damage to him by 80% against melee and non-projectile ranged attacks and spells. For whatever long Pensive Protection lasts, the Monk is immune to the Tornado’s pull and all types of knockback. When the period expires, the ability has a cooldown of 17 seconds. It takes one Elixir to activate the Pensive Protection ability.

3M Monk Miner Pump Deck

Best Monk Deck Clash Royale

This is one of the Best Monk Deck Clash Royale. We have Three Musketeers, Miner, Ice Golem, Minion  Horde, Goblin Gang, Elixir Collector, Zap. Elixirs cost 4.4 .

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Best Monk Deck Clash Royale

Phoenix Monk golem Mirror Deck

Best Monk Deck Clash Royale

Party Hut Monk Mirror Deck

Best Monk Deck Clash Royale

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