What is the best deck for Arena 6?

The Best Arena 6 Clash Royale Deck Builds || The Best Deck for Arena 6

Solid Wizard Golem Deck Elixir: 4.4

Although the average Elixir cost for this deck is considerable, this does not render the deck ineffective. Rather than forcing you to overspend and wait a long time to recharge, the Elixir Collector will let you gain additional elixir every 10 seconds so that you can play powerful cards. Elixir Collector is fantastic in the latter stages of a game since you have a lot more charged-up elixir than your opponent. You’ll be able to play a Golem more quickly and counter more frequently as a result.

Wizard Skeleton Tempo Deck Elixir: 4.1

The Best Deck for Arena 6

Going with the appropriate match tempo is the focus of this deck. Despite being mostly defensive, there is a lot of potential for alteration and adaptation depending on the situation. In addition to being offensive moves, cards like Freeze, Balloon, Wizard, and Skeleton Army can also be counters. It depends on how you’re playing and the opening hand you’re dealt. But if you’re unsure, begin by playing more defense until you spot opportunities to defeat your opponent.

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