How to use Mortar Deck Clash Royale || Mortar Cycle Deck 2024

Mortar Deck Clash Royale || Mortar Cycle Deck || Best clash royale cards

Building a Well-Balanced Deck

Any successful Clash Royale deck is built on balance. We advise incorporating the following cards in your deck to increase its adaptability:

  1. Ground and Air Units: To properly counter your opponent’s plan, a well-rounded deck should have both ground and air units. Good choices include balloons, minions, and young dragons.
  2. Splash Damage: Cards with splash damage can eliminate squads of soldiers at once. To deal with inconsiderate groups, think of including an assassin, baby dragon, or wizard.
  3. win Rating: You need a trustworthy win rating for your deck. Having a clean road to victory is crucial whether you’re using the Hog Rider, the X-Bow, or the Royal Giant.
  4. Defensive Buildings: Use building defenses like the Inferno Tower or Cannon to protect your towers. They may efficiently deflect enemy pushes.
  5. Spell cards: Don’t underrate their strength. The use of cards like Zap, Fireball, and Poison can be very beneficial both offensively and defensively.

Mortar Skelly Barrel Firecracker

Clash Royale Deck Elixir in 3.0

Mortar Miner Poison control

Clash Royale Deck Elixir in 3.3

Mortar Princess Rocket cycle

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Best Clash Royale Deck Arena 12

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