Beautiful Matrix Codeforces Solution

Beautiful Matrix Codeforces Solution


Beautiful Matrix Codeforces Solution

Problem Specification

The goal of Codeforces Problem 263A is to determine the fewest moves required to convert a given 5×5 matrix into a “beautiful” matrix. A “beautiful” matrix is one in which the number 1 is in the center and the remaining elements are placed in a 3×3 grid around the center.

Understanding the Issue || Beautiful Matrix Codeforces Solution

Let’s start with a thorough understanding of the problem needs before diving into the solution. We are given a 5×5 matrix and must determine the smallest number of moves required to place the number 1 in the middle of the matrix. A move is defined as replacing the number 1 with an adjacent (horizontal or vertical) element. The goal is to create a “beautiful” matrix by arranging the other elements in a 3×3 grid around the number 1.

Solution in C


int main()
int i,j,x=0;


return 0;

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