CSE Subject || CSE subject list in Bangladesh || BUBT 2023 || Engineering in Computer Science

CSE Subject List in Bangladesh || CSE Full Course According to BUBT

BUBT is 163 credits consisting of 120 theory credits 37 lab credits and a capstone project of 6 credits.


CSE Subject list 1st Semester :

Course Title.CreditsCourse No
Structured Programming Language 3CSE 101
Structured Programming Language Lab1.5CSE 102
Electrical Technology3CSE 107
Electrical Technology Lab1.5CSE 108
Differential and Integral Calculus3MAT111
English Language-I3ENG101
Principles of Economics3ECO

Total Credit 1st semester 20 credit

CSE Subject 2nd Semester Full Course :

Course Title.Credits
Object-Oriented Programming Language3
Object-Oriented Programming Language Lab1.5
Electronic Devices and Circuits3
Electronic Devices and Circuits Lab1.5
Discrete Mathematics3
Co-Ordinate Geometry and Vector Calculus3
English Language-II3
Software Development I0.75

Total Credit 2nd semester 21.75 credit


CSE 3rd Semester Full Course :

Course Title.Credits
Data Structures3
Data Structures Lab1.5
Digital Logic Design3
Data Structures Lab1.5
Accounting Fundamentals2
Theory of Computing & Automata Theory3
Linear Algebras and Differential Equations3
Data Communication 3

Total Credit 3rd semester 20 credit

CSE 4th Semester Full Course :

Course Title.CreditsCourse No
Algorithms LAB1.5CSE241
Database Systems3CSE207
Database Systems LAB1.5CSE208
Complex Variable and Fourier Analysis3MAT231
Compiler Design3CSE323
Compiler Design LAB.75CSE324
Numerical Analysis Lab
Computer Architecture3CSE215
Software Development II.75CSE200

Total Credit 4th semester 20.25 credit

3rd and 4th Year

CSE 300Software Development III0.75CSE 207
CSE 309Operating Systems3CSE 111
CSE 310Operating Systems Lab1.5CSE 111
CSE 313Mathematical Analysis for Computer Science3STA 231
CSE 315Microprocessor and Interfacing3CSE 215
CSE 316Microprocessor and Interfacing Lab1.5CSE 215
CSE 317System Analysis and Design3CSE 207
CSE 318System Analysis and Design Lab1.5CSE 207
CSE 319Computer Network3CSE 209
CSE 320Computer Network Lab1.5CSE 209
CSE 323Compiler Design3CSE 213
CSE 324Compiler Design Lab0.75CSE 213
CSE 327Software Engineering3CSE 317
CSE 328Software Engineering Lab0.75CSE 317
CSE 331Advanced Programming3CSE 121
CSE 332Advanced Programming Lab1.5CSE 121
CSE 341Computer Graphics3CSE 241
CSE 342Computer Graphics Lab0.75CSE 241
CSE 351Artificial Intelligence and Expert System3CSE 103
CSE 352Artificial Intelligence and Expert System Lab1.5CSE 103
CSE 400Software Development IV0.75CSE 300
CSE 407Project Management and Professional Ethics2
CSE 411Digital Electronics and Pulse Technique3CSE 205
CSE 412Digital Electronics and Pulse Technique Lab1.5CSE 205
CSE 413Cyber Security and Digital Forensic3CSE 319
CSE 414Cyber Security and Digital Forensic Lab1.5CSE 319
CSE 417Distributed Database Management Systems3CSE 207
CSE 418Distributed Database Management Systems Lab1.5CSE 207
CSE 425Microcontroller and Embedded Systems3CSE 315
CSE 426Microcontroller and Embedded Systems Lab1.5CSE 315
CSE 431Communication Engineering3CSE 209
CSE 433Fiber Optics Communication3CSE 209
CSE 435Network Security3CSE 319
CSE 437Digital Signal Processing3CSE 411
CSE 438Digital Signal Processing Lab1.5CSE 411
CSE 439Wireless Networking3CSE 319
CSE 440Wireless Networking Lab1.5CSE 319
CSE 441Switching and Routing3CSE 319
CSE 442Switching and Routing Lab1.5CSE 319
CSE 443Delay Tollerant Network3CSE 319
CSE 444Delay Tollerant Network Lab1.5CSE 319
CSE 445Introduction to Cryptography3CSE 319
CSE 446Introduction to Cryptography Lab1.5CSE 319
CSE 447Mobile Communication3CSE 209
CSE 448Mobile Communication Lab1.5CSE 209
CSE 449Network Administration3CSE 319
CSE 450Network Administration Lab1.5CSE 319
CSE 451Software Project Management3CSE 327
CSE 453Software Testing & Quality Assurance3CSE 327
CSE 455Software Security & Authentication3CSE 327
CSE 457Web Database Programming3CSE 207
CSE 458Web Database Programming Lab1.5CSE 207
CSE 459Visual Programming3CSE 207
CSE 460Visual Programming Lab1.5CSE 207
CSE 461Software Architecture3CSE 327
CSE 462Software Architecture Lab1.5CSE 327
CSE 463Software Design Pattern3CSE 327
CSE 464Software Design Pattern Lab1.5CSE 327
CSE 465Machine Learning3CSE 351
CSE 467Pattern Recognition3CSE 351
CSE 469Basic Graph Theory3CSE 341
CSE 471Computational Geometry3CSE 213
CSE 473Simulation and Modeling3CSE 351
CSE 474Simulation and Modeling Lab1.5CSE 351
CSE 475Data Mining3CSE 351
CSE 476Data Mining Lab1.5CSE 351
CSE 477Neural Network and Fuzzy Systems3CSE 351
CSE 478Neural Network and Fuzzy Systems Lab1.5CSE 351
CSE 479VLSI Design3CSE 351
CSE 480VLSI Design Lab1.5CSE 351
CSE 481Decision Support System3CSE 351
CSE 482Decision Support System Lab1.5CSE 351
CSE 483Knowledge Engineering3CSE 351
CSE 484Knowledge Engineering Lab1.5CSE 351
CSE 485Parallel Processing3CSE 319
CSE 487Robotics and Computer Vision3CSE 319
CSE 489Fault Tolerant System3CSE 319
CSE 491Interfacing & Peripherals3
CSE 492Interfacing & Peripherals Lab1.5
CSE 493Digital System Design3CSE 411
CSE 494Degital System Design Lab1.5CSE 411
CSE 498Project/Thesis4
CSE 499Capstone Project4CSE 300

Engineering in Computer Science and Engineering degree at BUBT is 163 credits consisting of 120 theory credits and 37 lab credits and a capstone project of 6 credits. The assignment of credits to a theoretical course follows a different rule from that of a sessional course.CSE Subject list.

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