Bit++ codeforces solution in c

Bit++ Codeforces solution in c



C programming is the foundation of modern software development. Whether you want to be a programmer or just want to expand your problem-solving skills, learning C will definitely empower you. Our step-by-step guide will take the mystery out of the process of creating a calculator, making it a fun and rewarding experience for you.


int main()
int a,i;
int x=0;
char s[4];
scanf("%s",&s);//bit++ codeforces solution
else {
return 0;

Understanding the law

Before diving into the code, let’s understand its logic. The code snippet provided is a simple calculation of a series of input characters and performs addition (+) and subtraction (-) operations accordingly. The final result is then printed on the board.[bit++ codeforces solution in c]

How does a calculator work?

The calculator uses a loop to read the specified amount of input. Each input can be an addition or subtraction function. The variable x is increased for each addition, and x is decreased for each subtraction. The final value of x is the result of the numerator.

Let’s break the rules

include: This line includes the standard input/output library, which enables input and output operations in C .

int main(): The main function is the entry point for the function.

Two integer variables, int a, i;: a and i, are declared. which will contain the number of operations the user wants to perform.

int x = 0;: the variable x is initialized to zero, which will store the last result.

char s[4];: An s character set is designed to hold the input functions. The array size is set to 4 to accommodate operators and null terminations.

scanf(“%d”, &a);: Users are requested to enter the number of operations they want to run.

for(i = 0; i < a; i++): A for loop is used to iterate over a specified number of operations.

scanf(“%s”, &s);: The user is requested to enter a function as a string.

if(s[1] == ‘+’): The code checks that the second character of the s string is ‘+’, indicating one more event.

x++;: If the condition is true, x is incremented.

else: If the condition is false (i.e. subtraction operation).

x–;: x decreases.

printf(“%d\n”, x);: The last x value (result) is printed on the screen.//bit++ codeforces solution in c

return 0;: Special interest

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