Unsigned long int in C language

How can I print an unsigned long int in C language?

To print an unsigned long integer in C language, you can use the %lu format specifier in the printf() function. Here’s an example code snippet:

#include <stdio.h>

int main() {
    unsigned long int num = 1234567890123456;
    printf("The number is: %lu\n", num);
    return 0;

In the code above, we have declared an unsigned long integer num and initialized it with a large value. We then used the %lu format specifier in the printf() function to print the value of num. The output of this program will be:


The number is: 1234567890123456

Note that the unsigned the keyword is used to ensure that the variable can only store non-negative values. If you try to print an unsigned long integer using %d instead of %lu, the output will not be correct, and you may get unexpected results.

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