How do I print the type of variable in c?

How do I print the type of variable in c

To print the type of variable in C, you can use the printf() function with a format specifier %s to print a string that represents the type of the variable. The typeof operator in C can be used to get the type of a variable at runtime. Here is an example:

#include <stdio.h>

int main() {
    int num = 10;
    float f = 3.14;
    double d = 2.71828;
    char c = 'A';
    printf("Type of num is %s\n", typeof(num));
    printf("Type of f is %s\n", typeof(f));
    printf("Type of d is %s\n", typeof(d));
    printf("Type of c is %s\n", typeof(c));

    return 0;

  1. How can I compare int to char in C?

    To compare an int to a char in C, you can use the ASCII values of the characters. In C, characters are represented as integer values based on the ASCII encoding scheme.
    Here’s an example that compares an int to a char using their ASCII values:
    see more

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