Codeforces 236A Boy or Girl Solution || Codeforces Solution 236A

Codeforces 236A Boy or Girl Solution in C/CPP


A. Boy or Girl

Those days, many boys use beautiful girls’ photos as avatars in forums. So it is pretty hard to tell the gender of a user at the first glance. Last year, our hero went to a forum and had a nice chat with a beauty (he thought so). After that they talked very often and eventually they became a couple in the network.

But yesterday, he came to see “her” in the real world and found out “she” is actually a very strong man! Our hero is very sad and he is too tired to love again now. So he came up with a way to recognize users’ genders by their user names.

This is his method: if the number of distinct characters in one’s user name is odd, then he is a male, otherwise she is a female. You are given the string that denotes the user name, please help our hero to determine the gender of this user by his method.


The first line contains a non-empty string, that contains only lowercase English letters — the user name. This string contains at most 100 letters.


If it is a female by our hero’s method, print “CHAT WITH HER!” (without the quotes), otherwise, print “IGNORE HIM!” (without the quotes).


For the first example. There are 6 distinct characters in “wjmzbmr”. These characters are: “w”, “j”, “m”, “z”, “b”, “r”. So wjmzbmr is a female and you should print “CHAT WITH HER!”.

Codeforces 236A. Boy or Girl Solution in C


int compare(const void *a, const void *b) { return (*(char *)a - *(char *)b); }int main() { char a[100]; int count = 0; scanf("%s", a); int len = strlen(a); qsort(a, len, sizeof(char), compare); for (int i = 0; i < len; i++) { if (a[i] != a[i + 1]) { count++; } } if (count % 2 == 0) { printf("CHAT WITH HER!\n"); } else { printf("IGNORE HIM!\n"); } return 0; }

Codeforces 236A in C++




using namespace std;
int main()
string a;
int count=0;
for(int i=0;i<a.size();i++)
cout<<"CHAT WITH HER!"<<endl;
cout<<"IGNORE HIM!"<<endl;

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