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Chests in Clash Royale are akin to unexpected gifts that may include a variety of items to aid you in the game. There are various kinds of chests that you may encounter:

  1. Free Chests: You receive one of these every few hours, kind of like a small present. Inside are some cards and some gold.
  2. Crown Chests: You receive these unique chests as payment for winning battles. Compared to free chests, they hold more gold and cards.
  3. Silver Chests: You can earn a mix of cards, gold, and gems from these chests, which take roughly 3 hours to open.Total gold 441-504, cards 21, Rares 2.
  4. Gold Chests: A little more advantageous than silver chests, they need eight hours to open and award you with additional cards, gold, and gems. Gold 1764-2016, Cards 42, Rares 10.
  5. Giant Chests: Giant Chests hold a significant quantity of cards, gold, and gems and require 12 hours to open. They are among the better kinds of chests to find cards in.
  6. Magical Chests: It takes 12 hours to uncover a magical chest, and it contains a lot of cards, including rare and epic cards, gold, and jewels.
  7. Super Magical Chests: The most precious chest in the game, Super Magical Chests require 24 hours to unlock. Along with a significant quantity of gold and gems, they have a sizable number of cards, many of which are rares and epics.
  8. Legendary King’s Chests: When a Legendary chest is opened, a Legendary card may be found. These very uncommon chests are available for purchase or as prizes during special events. Gold 13700,Cards 476,Rares  76,Epics 25,Legendary 2.
  9. Clan Chests: Clan Chests were a type of chest that players could contribute to by participating in clan battles. However, they were removed from the game in a previous update.
  10. Special Event Chests: These chests can be obtained by participating in special in-game events, challenges, or by purchasing special offers. They often contain a mix of valuable cards, gold, and gems.

Chests are a super important part of Clash Royale because they give you the cards and resources you need to make your decks and cards stronger. Opening them is like opening presents, and they can help you level up and succeed in the game!

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